TDK’s Portfolio is now LIVE on the blog !

I’m Very Excited !!!

I’m very excited to announce that TDK’s Portfolio is now uploaded and embedded to the blog live through Google Docs. Since the portfolio is directly linked with google finance, the quotes of the trading price of the stocks may be delayed by about 20 minutes or so. TDK’s Roth and Traditional IRA portfolio can be found when clicked on Portfolio button on top menu bar on the main page or by clicking here

Forward expected annual dividend is at $3,815.65.

Name of the blog says it all. The Dividend Karma —> Karma means “what goes around comes around”. In investing world, depending upon how well we invest/harvest in present, that’s how well (coupled with power of compounding) we will be able to enjoy its dividends/fruits later. I am very excited and hopeful to add many more holdings in coming years to TDK’s portfolio.

It’s been a good week so far, my plan was to work on the portfolio on weekend, however, I was able to work on the portfolio update and was able to embed directly to the blog. Special shout out to My Dividend Growth for a lovely YouTube Video on how to embed portfolio directly to your blog. Thanks buddy.

Happy Investing !

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  1. Just checked out your portfolio TDK. Many great stocks we own in common. Nice too you have them tucked away in your IRAs to keep that dividend income protected from the tax man/woman! Let’s keep those dividends rolling in. Tom

    1. Thank you Tom. Yes, trying my best for the run towards financial freedom. Good Luck there as well.

      Happy Investing.

    1. Thank you DM for stopping by and for your comment. Trying best to increase forward dividend.

      Happy Investing.

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