I am just an ordinary person in crowd, with extra ordinary desire from my life, exactly like many of you. I use this platform to layout my investing life journey with everyone.

I would like to shed some lights on some of the things I have learnt over the past years of my investing life, specially some of lessons were learnt, the hard way. Focus of this blog will be mainly to capture the stock investing and other financial chapters of life, those are important to secure the brighter future.

My goal here is to share my own investing style and my own investing thoughts and get your thoughts, ┬ámay be we can learn from each other’s investing style something positive that may change our way of evaluating stocks and help our own performance in future. I am a firm believer that there is always something to learn from any and all individuals around the world.

I will also take this opportunity and extend other chapters of an individual’s financial life and things to consider while making decision. My ultimate goal is to while sharing my life’s journey, I am able to inspire anyone along the way and impact someone’s life in positive way. Neither I am investing guru, financial adviser nor I am here to recommend any stocks or any other items on this website, only here to share my thoughts in my desire for brighter future.

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