Welcome to the dividend investing world that eventually will lead to the financial freedom. The path,  that is not an easy one or the only one by any means but the one that requires sacrificing to get to your long term goal. The path will also require a lot of discipline, commitment to excellence, a clear vision thru thick and thin of financial turmoil that far oversee the short term gains. The path will almost demand to keep up the burning desire to get to the ultimate destination of the financial freedom regardless of countless failure that unwanted, yet undoubtedly, may come along the way.

I firmly believe that we should never fear for making a mistake, because if we do then we won’t be able to do anything in financial world. To me, it is absolutely OK to make a mistake or two or more, as long as its not big enough to scare you to make another one in future that you can afford. Focused greed is extremely vital. Another required avenue will be a good stomach that can digest the loss (even unrealized) and the one that gives strength during fear market to buy with two hands to take disproportional advantage of the inefficient market conditions. Desire to achieve better along the way of life and be financially independent should be the ultimate goal. Believe in yourself, develop immense patience and keep learning attitude can go a long way and inevitably will play instrumental part in our journey and will eventually pay off for the all scarification went along the way to the financial freedom.

Along the way, we will inevitably be part of some major bull market that will make us feel satisfied as well as will surely see be hard hit with real bear market that will humble us. Being patience and staying away from buying an overvalued stock and more importantly, be able to take advantage of fear in the market by heavily investing during bear market, are all important for being successful long term investor. It is not important how much you earn, but what actually matters is how much you save and invest.

Wishing financial freedom may not be enough, we must desire for our financial goals and freedom. The Burning Desire that keeps us going all the way through.

With this, I hope we all harvest for our brighter future. Good luck to everyone for your financial desire in your life.

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